Portsmouth to Cherbourg

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A Portsmouth Cherbourg ferry is the perfect choice if you’re looking to travel from London and the South to France for a day trip, a weekend break or a longer holiday. It’s not just one of the popular routes from Portsmouth but also one of the best crossing options for those who want to sail directly to the Western European country and arrive at their destination fast. From Cherbourg, you can leverage the free flowing traffic on the motorway connection to discover other parts of France.

Currently, Brittany Ferries is the only operator operating the Portsmouth Cherbourg route with sailing durations from around 3 hours, thanks to the company’s fast-craft ship. The crossing service operates up to 9 times each week with an option to sail from Portsmouth between Friday and Sunday in the morning at peak periods. The beauty of travelling on this ferry is that both Portsmouth and Cherbourg have excellent access to motorways for a fast and convenient journey.

Portsmouth to Cherbourg Ferry Prices

Prices start from as low as £385 for a return crossing with a car but prices can go higher at peak times. To get the best price, we advise you book as far ahead as possible or book as many friends and family to come with you in your car! If you book a 9-person car, prices can be as little as £89.44 per person, bringing the sum to £805.


The Normandie Express is the spacious and high-speed ship serving the Portsmouth Cherbourg route and it offers passengers award-winning onboard service and facilities all included as standard. However, you can upgrade your accommodation option to Commodore cabin for a truly luxurious and memorable journey. Here are some benefits of upgrading to this accommodation option:

    • Complimentary soap and shower gel
    • Fresh linens and towels
    • Ensuite bathrooms and shower facilities
    • Plug socket for charging electronic equipment
    • Air-conditioning
    • Wi-fi
    • Private balcony to take in fantastic views

    There are no limits on the amount you can have as these are benefits are available 24 hours a day for the entire journey.

    How Do I Add The Premium Lounge to My Booking?

    Simply select this as part of the booking process and the price will update automatically.

Portsmouth Port

Cherbourg Port

Locations Near Cherbourg

The Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry is a gateway to the beautiful Cotentin Peninsula, a vacationer’s hotspot that also serves a great place to start onward journeys to France. Cherbourg has excellent road links to make your journey as smooth as possible as you will find and modern roadway connections to Paris, the Loire and further south.

Furthermore, Portsmouth is only two hours away from London, meaning you won’t have too much trouble arriving at the port on time for your journey.

Portsmouth to Cherbourg is a really convenient route to take if you’re planning on driving down to the South of France because it takes hours off your driving time once you get to France. It also means you will not have to drive through Paris to reach your destination. Here are some cities nearby:

LocationDistance(miles)Distance(km)Journey Time
Bayeux57.6092.71 hr 5 min
Cotes-d’Amor109.5176.23 hrs 20 min
Mayenne120.5165.22 hrs 22 min
Rennes1051693 hrs 9 min
Nantes167.22694 hrs 18min

If you want to consider your options, take a look at our ferry to France page which lists several alternative routes.

Brittany Ferries Portsmouth to Cherbourg

Brittany Ferries operates only one vessel on the Portsmouth Cherbourg route named ‘Normandie Express’. The ship is spacious and comes with fully stocked bars, café and a small boutique, making the ferry a fantastic choice for passengers who want to travel in style and quickly too.

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