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Newcastle to Amsterdam Mini Cruises

If you’re looking to take a short trip to Europe and want to enjoy a modern cruise experience, there’s no better option than the Newcastle to Amsterdam mini cruise.

There are various packages available depending on your travel needs. And the facilities available on the boat trip will provide everything you need for a full and relaxing experience.

It’s an ideal solution for families as well. There are plenty of kids activities and play areas to keep them entertained for the duration of the trip. If you want to find out more about the Newcastle to Amsterdam mini cruise, keep reading.

 A mini cruise package allows you a flexible way to travel to Amsterdam from Newcastle. They’re used by families, couples and groups of friends of various sizes.

There are many different ways of taking this trip, from overnight cruises to longer breaks that take in more cities and more sights; it’s entirely up to you. DFDS offer coach transfer from the ferry port to your final destination too, adding extra convenience.

A mini cruise is simply a short cruise that allows you to enjoy all the benefits that come with travelling on a cruise ship, including a fantastic choice of cabins and lots of places to eat and be entertained during your time onboard. There’s a package for just about everyone, so no matter what your needs and priorities are, you’ll be able to find a solution that works for you.

Some people enjoy travelling this way because it offers them a way to relax and take it easy. It can be the perfect start to your romantic getaway with your partner, or it might be a more stress-free way for you to travel with the family. All of those needs can be catered for by the range of packages offered by DFDS on their Newcastle to Amsterdam mini cruise route.

You can choose whether you want to book your own accommodation in Amsterdam or buy a package that provides you with a place to stay in the Dutch capital when you get there. This offers you maximum flexibility, meaning you can choose how you want to manage your trip. Everyone has different needs, so this option is crucial.

Foot Passenger on a Mini Cruise From Newcastle to Amsterdam

It’s more than possible to make this trip without a vehicle.

You simply board the Newcastle to Amsterdam mini cruise as a foot passenger and enjoy the trip. There’s no need to worry about your car at all. It’s the ideal way to start your trip to Europe without a vehicle, and you don’t have to deal with airports or the stresses that so often come with air travel.

Many people who are heading on an InterRail trip in Europe like to start their journey by taking a mini cruise from Newcastle to Amsterdam. It’s the ideal way to get to mainland Europe without the need for a car. Of course, you don’t want to have a car with you when you’re planning on travelling Europe by train, so the mini cruise is the ideal solution.

There are no baggage restrictions, which is ideal for foot passengers who are heading off to Europe on a long trip. There are overnight departures each day, so you can sleep and relax and peace for a large part of the journey.

Every price includes an en suite cabin, providing great value for money that won’t be matched elsewhere. And there are even bigger savings to be made for big group bookings.

As a foot passenger, you’ll want to take a coach transfer when you reach The Netherlands. IJmuiden port is where the cruise will end and this port is about 25 miles from Amsterdam city centre.

Coaches are available from the port and are priced at only  £6pp each way. It makes it easy to get to where you need to be.

What to Expect on Your Mini Cruise

So, what should you expect on your mini cruise? Well, there’s a lot to enjoy onboard. First of all, you’ll have your own ensuite cabin, and you can choose which one is right for you from a variety of options.

There are cabins that are ideal for families and those are ideal for couples, and they’re all comfortable.

There’s a range of restaurants, shops and bars to enjoy during your time onboard the mini cruise. This is something that people really value when they’re onboard the mini cruise because it allows them to take easy and have a good time.

You don’t have to simply wait around for the cruise to end; it’s about having a good time. There’s even a family play area for the kids to enjoy.

You can choose the gourmet cruise experience if you want to enjoy the very best restaurant experience while you’re on the cruise.

It’s entirely up to you, and you’ll always have the chance to enjoy the live experience that takes place each evening.

DFDS Newcastle Amsterdam

£ 74 From
  • Private en-suite cabin
  • Early booking at discount prices
  • 7 sailings a week

The Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry Route

DFDS sail to Amsterdam 7 times a week with crossings taking around 15 hours and 30 minutes. As the crossings are overnight, you can relax and get some rest before starting your journey where you will be within easy reach of Germany, France and Belgium.

The Benefits of Taking a Cruise Ferry to Amsterdam

There are many benefits associated with choosing this way of travelling. As mentioned above, it’s a very affordable and convenient way for people to travel. If you’re going to be exploring Europe by rail, this is the way to begin that journey in style.

It’s also much more relaxing and enjoyable than taking a plane or any other form of transport. There are far fewer restrictions and much more scope to have a good time when you choose the Newcastle to Amsterdam mini cruise. It’s an experience many people enjoy and it’s perfect for families that want to take things at a slightly slower pace.

Taking a mini cruise from Newcastle to Amsterdam is an enjoyable and efficient experience and it offers the perfect way to start your short break in the Dutch capital. Head to DFDS if you want to book a trip on a mini cruise from Newcastle to Amsterdam. It’ll be an experience you won’t regret.

North Shields Ferry Port

You will start your journey at the Newcastle Port of North Shields. Please arrive in good time for the sailing as per the timetable.
14:30 Check-in opens
16:15 Check-in closes
17:00 Ferry leaves North Shields Port bound for Holland
09:45 Ferry arrives in Ijmuiden Port, Holland

Ijmuiden Ferry Port

You will disembark at Ijmuiden Port, situated in the municipality of Velsen, 30 miles from Amsterdam.
14:30 Check-in opens
16:15 Check-in closes
17:00 Ferry leaves Ijmuiden Port in Holland
09:45 Ferry arrives in North Shields Port

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