Copenhagen to Oslo

For those travelling between Scandinavian countries the Copenhagen to Oslo ferry crossing route offers a soothing trip where you can relax in one of the many lounge or restaurant areas.

Or if you prefer, in your cabin where you can catch a few hours sleep before your arrival in Oslo.

With a daily crossing you can travel the day that suits your travel plans the best and the bonus is you can travel with your car so that when you arrive at your destination you have instant transport available.

You are on board your ship for 18 hours so there is plenty of time to rest and relax on the journey as well as make the most of the fantastic restaurants and lounge areas during your trip.

Copenhagen to Oslo Prices

Prices for this crossing start at £150 per person and as with many ferry trips there are plenty of added bonuses such as there being no baggage limit, being able to take your car and your pet and of course how relaxing a trip with your own ensuite cabin to rest in can be!

Prices can vary from season to season so it is worth planning ahead and booking well in advance to ensure you get the best prices.

This crossing allows you to tailor your trip to your budget. You can be economic with your budget or you can opt for luxury by upgrading your cabin and facilities.


● You have a selection of standard and economy cabins to choose from and you can always upgrade to one of the standard options that include extra amenities like a flat screen television.
● For a room with an unforgettable view, upgrade your standard cabin to one with a sea view. You won’t regret it!
● If luxury is what you are after then upgrade to a Commodore Cabin for extra comfort and luxury and even then you can choose between the Commodore, the Commodore with a balcony and the Commodore Deluxe that offers the best in seafaring luxury.

With the Commodore Cabin upgrade you also get access to the Deluxe Lounge that offers unlimited access to wine, beer, soft drinks and snacks for the duration of your trip.

● You can purchase a wifi pass onboard to help you stay connected during your trip.

Why Sail Copenhagen To Oslo?

The experience onboard the ship with all its amenities, facilities, cabins, entertainment and comfort are enough to convince anyone that travelling between these two cities that choosing the ferry is a great choice!

On top of that you have the fantastic prices and of course the convenience of being able to easily travel between these two major Scandinavian cities – whether that is for business or pleasure.

This is a direct route with no need to change ferries so once you are on board you can settle in and enjoy yourself on your trip whiling away the hours as the hard work of travelling from place to place is done for you.

Copenhagen To Oslo Ferry Crossing Times

There is a daily crossing between these two countries with DFDS being the only ferry company offering this service.
The service departs from both Copenhagen and Oslo at 4pm daily but it is always worth checking ahead to make sure the service is running when you wish to travel.

FAQ Copenhagen to Oslo

Some frequently asked questions about the Copenhagen to Oslo ferry route.

How Do I Check In?

The DFDS Ferry terminal is located in central Copenhagen and you need to have finished checking in and be on board the ship by 4:15pm. Check in opens at 3:15pm and there are self service check in options available. You do need to make sure you have a valid passport and ID to be able to travel.

Are there any baggage limits?

No! The only limit is what you can carry. So a foot passenger needs to be able to carry their own luggage. If you are travelling with a vehicle you can bring everything you need – as long as it fits within your car.

Are money exchanges available on board?

There is a bureau de change available on deck 7 where you can change most major currencies, including DKK, NOK and Euro.

Are there limits on how much money I can exchange?

Yes you are only able to exchange 1500 Euro per day.

Is there wifi?

There is wifi available to guests and there is a small charge for this. You can purchase your wifi access on board.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, you can. There are pet only cabins available on board available to book.

Can I bring food on board?

Unfortunately, no but you are able to make the most of the onboard restaurants. There are plenty to choose from and you will find something to suit your tastes.

Copenhagen to Oslo

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