Plymouth to Roscoff

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Looking to travel to France for a holiday or a romantic getaway from England? Travelling on a Plymouth Roscoff ferry is an excellent way to start your vacation with your loved ones. The crossing service will take you directly to Brittany in Roscoff in just about 6-8 hours while the main routes converge nearby for easy access to the rest of France.

Currently, Brittany Ferries is the only company to sail the Plymouth Roscoff route as the crossing service operates up to 9 times each week. There are up to two sailings each day at convenient times so you can choose when to travel and your choice determines the length of the journey. If you go for daytime sailings, you will arrive at your destination in 6 hours but an overnight crossing takes 8 hours. Thankfully, both Plymouth and Roscoff have excellent access to fast road networks so driving to and from the ports is easy.

Plymouth to Roscoff Ferry Prices

Prices start from as low as £355 for a return crossing with a car but prices can go higher at peak times. To get the best price, we advise you book as far ahead as possible or book as many friends and family to come with you in your car! If you book a 9-person car, prices can be as little as £9.56 per person, bringing the sum to £815.


Brittany Ferries operates two cruise vessels on this route and they offer comfortable cabins so you can have your own space but if you want the best ferry experience for your holiday, we recommend upgrading to Commodore Cabin. The commodore cabins are the most luxurious onboard accommodation option and they have a number of benefits attached to them such as:

    • Complimentary continental breakfast served in your cabin
    • Complimentary hot and cold drinks
    • Twins beds plus sofa bed/ recess bed
    • Lounge area
    • Private balcony to take in fantastic views
    • Mini bar
    • Free newspapers

There are no limits on the amount you can have as these are benefits are available 24 hours a day for the entire journey.

How Do I Add The Premium Lounge to My Booking?

Simply select this as part of the booking process and the price will update automatically

Plymouth Port

Roscoff Port

Locations Near Roscoff

The Plymouth to Roscoff route makes the perfect gateway to the delights of Brittany whilst offering good road and railway connections for easy access to the rest of France, especially Southern France. There are many attractions in this vibrant holiday destination such as the city’s fishing quay, its pristine beaches, seafood restaurants and Thalassotherapy.

Also, there are up to two sailings allowing you to travel in daytime so you can spend the night in France or travel overnight so you can arrive at your destination, ready to discover France. Here are some cities near Roscoff:

LocationDistance(miles)Distance(km)Journey Time
Brest41651 hr 40 min
Lannion23.6382 hrs 39 min
Saint-Breuc71.51151 hr 23 min
Rennes113.71832 h 15 min
Nantes3212453 hrs 29min

Brittany Ferries Plymouth to Roscoff

Brittany Ferries operates two cruise vessels on this route namely Amorique and Pont-Aven. Both cruises ferries provide comfortable cabins, restaurants, shops, leisure area and kids’ play areas. They also have cabins for disabled passengers as all decks are accessible by lift.

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