Portsmouth to St Malo

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Instead of the usual Dover to Calais or Dover to Dunkirk,  the Portsmouth to St Malo route is a lovely alternative. The crossing takes a lot longer, sometimes as long as 11 hours however what nicer way to start your holiday than a relaxing sail across the Channel?

Brittany Ferries run two cruise ships on this route called the Bretagne and the Pont Aven and offer the usual high-quality refinements you would come to expect on a modern super-ferry. These sailings can be overnight with top class accommodation, dining and all the facilities you need including free wi-fi.

Ferry Ticket Prices

Prices vary considerably, expect to pay between £155 to £356 each way depending on seasonality.

Brittany Ferries

£ 45 From
  • From £45 for foot passenger one way
  • £149 car + driver return

Brittany in North France

Brittany, founded in the 6th century by monks from Wales, has a rich history and is famed for its numerous Neolithic monuments. There is plenty to see and do, from beach activities to events and even hot air ballooning.

The famous Mont St Michel, a magical island between the bays of Brittany and Normandy is well worth a visit. Due to the extreme tidal variations, it is advisable to go with an experienced guide.
For more information on what you can do, visit the Official Tourist Site: https://www.brittanytourism.com/


Why Sail Portsmouth to St Malo?

Brittany Ferries

With Brittany Ferries, sailings can occur overnight so you wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. The port of St Malo, situated on some of the best beaches of the Emerald Coast, puts you in close proximity to the D126 and then the D137 which can take you down to Rennes and then further south to Nantes and even Bordeaux. 

How Long Is The Portsmouth to St Malo Ferry Crossing?

There is one sailing per day taking approximately  11  hours although allow extra time due to tidal conditions.

Port of St Malo

Popular Driving Destinations from St Malo

Driving distances from St Malo
City Miles (Km)
RENNES 44 (71)
BORDEAUX 325 (520)
IRUN 454 (727)
MADRID 752 (1204)
VALENCIA 846 (1354)
VIGO 944 (1511)
LISBON 1047 (1675)
GIBRALTAR 1167 (1867)

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