Portsmouth to Caen

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Are you looking to travel from England’s south coast to France? The Portsmouth to Caen Ferry route connects England to France and offers you the opportunity to easily access other popular destinations through its excellent motorway links.

You can drive to Bayeux is just 22 minutes and Paris in 2 hours 50 minutes. Bordeaux is about 7 hours 30 minutes away. Onward travels to countries like Spain, Germany and Belgium are straightforward since their borders are nearby.

Brittany Ferries is the only ferry company operating this route and the company offers ferry crossings up to 21 times each week. The frequency and duration of this ferry crossing may vary from season to season, so we advise you do a live check to get the most current information.

Portsmouth to Caen Ticket Prices

Ferry prices for the Portsmouth to Caen route start from as low as £109 for a standard car plus 2 passengers. All crossings offer options to travel by your car. Check the prices today using our ticket price search.

How Long Does The Portsmouth to Caen Ferry Take?

7 Sailings @ approximately 5 hours and 45 minutes. These times can differ depending on tides and other factors.

The crossing service takes place three times a day since the Portsmouth to Caen route is the most popular ferry route to France. With this arrangement, you can comfortably plan your departure to fit into your daily schedule.

Caen is the capital of Lower Normandy. A busy industrial and cultural centre, the city was founded by William, the Conqueror, in the 11th century. Caen is a tourists’ delight as it boasts of a plethora of restaurants, boutiques, wine shops, street side creperies and pastries. The Caen Memorial Museum which is regarded as one of the best in France is also another fantastic place to visit.

Portsmouth Port

Caen Port

Caen Train Stations

Caen Train Stations

The train station in Caen (also known as Gare de l’Quest or Gare Calvados) is the only station in the city, and it stands on the main line from Paris to Cherbourg. The Caen rail Station also enables travellers to reach regions around Caen such as Rouen, Evreux, Lison, Paris and Bayeux. You can also access an easy connection to other forms of road transport if necessary.

The address of the train station is:

15, Place De La Gare

14000 Caen

Telephone 3635

Caen – Bayeux Trains

Average Journey Time = 16 minutes

Trains Per = Day 22

Distance = 30km

Train Operators = SNCB

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries operates three ferries namely Mont St Michel, Normandie and Normandie Express. The vessels are equipped with all the facilities needed for customer comfort and relaxation such as cinemas, bars, food outlets etc. The Normandie Express is an excellent choice for travellers who prefer to travel in style and with greater speed to their destination.

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