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One of the most popular routes between the Isle of Wight and mainland UK is the Portsmouth to Fishbourne route. This route connects the two major areas of both islands allowing you to travel easily from the port to your destination and explore the areas beyond Portsmouth and the rest of England using the excellent road and rail links.


There are several crossings a day to choose from and with four ferries making the regular trips you are truly spoilt for choice! Each crossing takes around 45 minutes which is just enough time to appreciate the sea air and grab yourself a drink and a snack.

Portsmouth to Fishbourne Prices

This is one crossing you want to make the effort to book early on. Booking early guarantees your spot on board and can save you money too.

If you plan to travel on foot then you can bring your bike for free! There is bike parking available on board. For a foot passenger one way, the price can be as low as £14.40.


£ 14
  • Crossing takes around 45 minutes
  • Foot passenger just £14.40 one way
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What’s On Board

Each ferry on this crossing comes with all the comfort you would expect from a short ferry trip. You can make the most of the view with panoramic viewing decks.

Chill out in the passenger lounge areas, spend time on deck taking in the sea air or grab yourself a drink or quick bite to eat while you travel.

There are also movie rooms available and children’s facilities to make your trip a little more enjoyable.

Why Sail Portsmouth to Fishbourne?

This is the most popular route between the South of England and the Isle of White and for good reason. It’s a quick route at just 45 minutes and offers a perfect compromise between comfort and affordability. You can choose to travel as a foot passenger and bring your bike for free!

Or, bring your car and make the affordable trip and have your own transport available when you arrive. With a good network of rail and road links from the ports you will find it easy to continue your journey to your final destination.
You have a variety of travel options and times to choose from and if you book well in advance can ensure you have a fantastic trip at a great price.

Portsmouth to Fishbourne Ferry Crossing Times

With daily crossings that start at 3am and end at midnight you are spoilt for choice with when to cross.

There are extra ferries available at peak travel times but during the peak morning travel there are up to three crossings in every two hour period.

In the afternoon you can travel on the hour every two hours right up until the last ferry at midnight.

Fishbourne to Portsmouth Ferry Crossing Times

There are ferry crossings available every day of the week throughout the day and night.

There are three ferry crossings in every two hour period during peak travel times.

During the afternoon this can reduce to 1 ferry crossing an hour. To check the times available take a look at the full timetable here.

FAQ About Portsmouth to Fishbourne

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Portsmouth Fishbourne ferry route.

For foot passengers with a valid ticket you need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your departure time. To allow extra help for those who need an accessible or disabled ticket then you need to arrive 30 minutes before departure.  For those who are driving make sure you arrive between 30 and 60 minutes before departure

Port tickets offices will have phone numbers for local taxi firms you can call.

There is no current wifi access on board so make the most of the time you have to disconnect and relax.

There are no limits but you must be able to carry or transport your bags yourself. So pack your vehicle with as much luggage as you need. If you are travelling by foot you must be able to carry your own bags.

There definitely is. You will find a selection of food and meals available – something to suit any taste.

Parking is available at Fishbourne and you can pay for parking up to three days. If you are just dropping off a passenger then you have 20 minutes free of charge to do so.  Parking for Portsmouth is a 15 minute walk from the port itself.

You can but you must stay in the pet friendly areas of the ferry.

For safety reasons this is not allowed.

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