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of Holland Ferry

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A  Harwich to Hook of Holland ferry is the best option if you want to travel from the south of England to Holland. Not only is it the most popular route from Harwich International port to Holland, it is also the most direct route you can get to the Hook of Holland.

Stena Line is the only operator to travel straight from the south of England to the Hook of Holland with sailing durations from 6 hours 30 minutes. The crossing service operated by Stena Line operates up to 14 times per week with an option of day and night sailings. The frequency of the ferry crossings may vary from season to season, so we advise you do a live check to get the most current information.

Harwich to Hook of Holland Ferry Prices

Prices start from as little as £59 single for a car and driver. If you book for a dutchflyer rail and sail ticket to and Dutch rail station, prices start from as low as £55 for a single ticket. To get the best price, we advise you book as early as possible, or book your whole family and friend to come with you in your car.

Stena Line’s Hook of Holland Ferries

Stena Line operates two ferries on the Harwich-Holland routes. The vessels are brand new and are called: Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica. They both have cinemas, shopping, mini-bars, and kids’ and teens’ areas to ensure a great ferrying experience.


Alternative Route

An alternative route is the DFDS Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry route.

Hook of Holland With Stena Line

Travelling with Stena Line comes with remarkable benefits which include:

  • Onboard experience

Get entertained throughout your sailing when you travel to Holland with Stena Line. You can watch the latest blockbuster movies in the cinema, or you can shop for the perfect gift in the onboard shop. Younger travellers can also enjoy the ferry experience during school holidays in the kids’ and teens’ areas with the special entertainment designed for them.

  • Super Ferry Cabins

Cabins in the Harwich-Holland route are tastefully furnished to a high standard and are equipped with en-suite bathrooms with shower facilities; comfortable beds to guarantee a relaxing night’s sleep and a flat-screen TV with a range of channels which means you can relax and have a delightful viewing experience catching up with your favourite shows.

  • Day and night sailing

Stena Line’s crossing timetable has two crossings for you to choose. Whether you prefer travelling during the day or overnight, the sailing gives the same luxurious experience. With a cabin appointed with high-grade mattresses, a flat screen TV, a minibar and bathroom with a shower, all you need to do is relax and enjoy the sailing.

  • Take your pet

Stena Line is approved by Government travel scheme, allowing travel to and from the UK. So bring your cat, dog Ferret along, and your whole family when travelling with Stena Line.

  • Sail directly to Holland

Stena Line offers a crossing service straight to Holland. It is an excellent choice if you want to avoid the long drive through Northern France from the Channel Ports and drive straight into Holland’s main cities from Hook of Holland. From its destination, Hook of Holland, you can be in Rotterdam in 30 minutes or drive to Amsterdam in less than 1 ½ hours. Onward travels to Germany, Belgium and into Europe are quite accessible too.

Stena Line Harwich Port

Tel: +44 (0)844 770 7070 (UK)

GPS Coordinates
51.946494, 1.252731

Directions To Harwich Port

Follow the A14 until you are near to Ipswich, then join the A12 signposted to Colchester and London.

Follow the A12 for roughly 12 miles, then take the exit signposted to Colchester and Harwich (A120). Turn left at the roundabout and join the A120 signposted Harwich.The A120 will take you directly to Harwich Old Town, with exits to the Harwich International Port and to Dovercourt.

From the M25, follow the A12 until you are near to Colchester. Pass exits to Colchester West and to Colchester Central. Take the next exit, marked Harwich (A120). The A120 will take you directly to Harwich Old Town, with exits to the International Port.

Parking at Harwich Port

Car parking is available at Harwich International Port for long and short-term stay.

Car Parking Charges

  • Up to 30 minutes FREE
  • Up to 2 hours £1.80
  • Up to 6 hours £3.50
  • Up to 12 hours £5.30
  • Daily rate £8.60

The car park machines accept payment by cash or credit card. Please note there is a lost ticket charge of £85. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the car park is safe and secure vehicles are left at owner’s risk.

Harwich To Hook of Holland Crossing Time

Stena Line operates this route both day and night. The route regularly sells out at busy times so be sure to get your booking in early.

The route has two ferries, the Stena Hollandica and the Stena Britannica.

Sailing Times From Harwich

Harwich – Hook of Holland (local time)
Monday – Saturday Check-in Boarding Departure Arrival
Stena Hollandica 2 20:00 – 22:15 20:30 23:00 08:00
Stena Britannica 3 07:00 – 08:15 07:45 09:00 17:15
Stena Hollandica 2 20:00 – 22:15 20:30 23:00 08:00
Stena Britannica  1 & 3 08:00 – 09:15 08:30 10:00 18:00
1 Check-in for cars is until 09:15 hrs and foot passengers up until 09:30 hrs.
2 Check-in for cars on busy sailings May – September 2018 begins at 19:30 hrs.
 Check-in time for foot passengers Monday – Saturday begins at 07:45 hrs, Sunday check-in begins at 08:30 hrs.
Please note, all luggage has to be checked in on day sailings. Only hand luggage is allowed on board.

How Long Does It Take To Sail?

Sailing times vary due to weather and other issues however normally the sailing will take approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes

Hook of Holland Sailing Times

Hook of Holland – Harwich (local time)
Mon – Sat Check-in Boarding Departure Arrival
Stena Hollandica 2 12:15 – 13:30 12:45 14:15 19:45
Stena Britannica 3 18:45 – 21:15 19:00 22:00 06:30*
Stena Hollandica 2 12:15 – 13:00 12:30 13:45 19:45
Stena Britannica 18:45 – 21:15 19:00 22:00 06:30*
1 Disembarkation time
From May – September 2018
Check-in for car passengers starts at 11:45 hrs & boarding at 12:30 hrs
Check-in for Foot Passengers starts at 12:15 hrs & boarding at 12.15 hrs
3 Check-in for car passengers Monday – Friday starts at 18:15 hrs.

How To Book

For the best price, head to the Stena Line website to see the latest deals.

Stena Line

One of the largest ferry companies in the world operating routes across the UK, Holland, France Scandinavia, Ireland and the Baltic Sea.

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