Holyhead to Dublin

One of the busiest and most popular routes between Ireland and the UK is the Holyhead to Dublin route. This is a convenient route that takes you from Wales directly into the heart of Dublin and from there you can spend time in Dublin or explore the rest of Ireland easily.

With a choice of ferries from Stena Line and Irish Ferries, you have multiple ferries and departure times to choose from. This route offers you one of the most flexible trips across sea and is a great alternative to the slightly quieter route between Liverpool and Dublin.

Holyhead to Dublin Prices

Prices for this trip start at approximately £100 for one person with a vehicle and you have plenty of options for more people to travel with different size vehicles, caravans and motorhomes.

You can even travel as a foot passenger if you wish! To take a look at prices for your individual trip take a look at the booking screens.

As with any ferry trip the more people per vehicle you have, the cheaper the price per person gets! So bring your friends and family along for the trip.

There are no baggage limits to worry about, you just have to be able to carry it yourself! On top of that you can bring your pets so you can easily bring the whole family along for the trip.

Upgrades and What’s On Board

What is available on this route is dependent on the ferry and company you choose to travel with but this is a selection of the types of things you can expect. For more information take a look at the facilities, amenities and upgrades available as you book your trip.

You can expect to find a variety of meal, drink and snack options on most ferries and some have extra facilities such as movies, wifi and children entertainment options.

● If you want to travel quickly then book yourself onto a fast ferry which takes the three to four hour trip down to just two hours!
● Upgrade to club class for access to the Irish Ferries Club Class lounge, priority vehicle boarding, complimentary drinks and snacks and charging points.
● Book yourself a cabin for some privacy and extra comfort as you rest.
● With Stena Plus you get access to a premium lounge area in which to relax with complimentary beverages and snacks.

Why Sail Holyhead to Dublin?

This busy route has been in action for many years, helping people travel between Ireland and the UK.

It is due to this popularity that makes this one of the leading routes between these two countries and as such has a wide variety of travel options to choose from, including a superfast ferry and a host of amenities and facilities on other ferry options.

This is a direct route that takes you to your destination in two to four hours.

For convenient and comfortable travel that offers you a variety of travel options as a foot passenger or with a vehicle this is one of the most popular routes with a lot of options and crossing times to choose from.

Holyhead to Dublin Ferry Crossing Times

There are multiple crossings to choose from throughout the day and night from both ferry companies offering this route so you are spoilt for choice.

FAQ About Holyhead to Dublin

There are multiple crossings to choose from throughout the day and night from both ferry companies offering this route so you are spoilt for choice. To pick your time take a look at the booking options and choose a time to suit your travel needs best.

Can I take my pets?

You can! Check with your ferry operator for specific details but there are routes and ferries available where pets are allowed on board.

Are there places to eat and drink on board?

You have a variety of food, cafe and drink options to enjoy whilst on board. You can also upgrade your ticket to premium lounges where further options may be available.

Are there any baggage limits?

One of the biggest benefits of travel via ferry is the no limits on baggage! However you need to make sure you can carry your own luggage.

Is there wifi?

You do have access to wifi on some ferry crossings. Check your booking and ferry operator for more details on this.

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