Liverpool to Dublin

Taking the ferry is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to get to and from Ireland and Liverpool and Dublin is one of the popular routes between these two major port cities.

It also offers a practical alternative to the very busy Holyhead to Dublin route for those who don’t want to travel from the North of England across Wales to get to the ferry port.

A busy route from Liverpool to Dublin, this route has a full timetable of ferries that operate both day and overnight crossings ensuring that there is likely to be a ferry crossing that fits within your travel schedule.

A crossing takes approximately 8 and a half hours so there is plenty of time to relax and rest in comfort during your journey.

This takes a little longer than the Holyhead to Dublin route so if you aren’t in a rush and want to take it easy when you travel this could be the route for you.

Liverpool To Dublin Prices

There is one ferry operator running the multiple crossings per day on this particular route and the prices start from approximately £250 per person travelling with a standard sized car. Foot passengers are not able to travel this route so if you need to travel without a car there are alternative routes available between Holyhead and Dublin.

For those travelling in a group with a vehicle this is one of the cheapest methods to travel between the UK and Dublin. The more people in your vehicle the cheaper overall the price per person is!

Your ticket includes two free meals for the 8 hour trip and if you are travelling on an overnight crossing a shared berth cabin for you to rest in.


The standard ticket is the cheapest option but you do have the option to upgrade to the standard flexi option that allows you to be a little more flexible in your travel options. It includes the option to amend your booking without amendment fees for the equivalent ticket and this ticket is refundable with a cancellation fee.

If you want to upgrade from a shared berthed cabin for two people then you can upgrade to a full cabin room to give yourself a little extra comfort whilst you travel.

Why Sail Liverpool to Dublin?

For those who want a direct route between England and Ireland this is one of the best you can choose from.

There are other routes of course including the busy Holyhead to Dublin route or for those travelling to Northern Ireland you can travel between Cairnyran to Larne but both of these require a drive or trip across Wales or Scotland to make the ferry trip.

Both Liverpool and Dublin are large and busy ports and this route in particular offers a great deal of flexibility with when and how you travel between the United Kingdom and Ireland. Day and overnight crossings are available and with no baggage limits there are few better and more comfortable ways to travel.

Liverpool To Dublin Ferry Crossing Times

Tuesday – Saturday, Daily
Departure 9.30am 21:00
Arrival 17.30 05:15

FAQ About Liverpool to Dublin

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Liverpool to Dublin ferry route.

How do I check in?

 You can check in from 1am for a 3am depart time, 7.30am for a 9.30am departure time and 7pm for a 9pm departure time. When you arrive at the port follow the directions and try to check in 1 hour and 15 minutes before departure to ensure there is enough time to get through security checks. This is a busy port so allow yourself plenty of time.

Can I travel by foot?

Unfortunately foot passengers are not able to travel on this route. If you need to travel without a vehicle then you can always travel on an alternative route such as the Cairynan to Larne or Holyhead to Dublin route.

Can I take my pets?

Unfortunately this crossing doesn’t have the facility to take pets anymore due to changes in regulation for travelling with pets. However you can travel from Holyhead to Dublin with your pet.

Are there places to eat on board?

There are plenty of options for food on board and there are two meals available free of charge on this route for your journey.  Food is served at 3am, 9.30 am and 9pm.

Is wifi available?

Unfortunately wifi is not available on this route so why not take the time to allow yourself a digital detox for a few hours and sit back and relax and enjoy the trip!

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