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France Tickets

If you are considering a ferry to France, by far the most popular is the Dover Calais route as it is the shortest journey. From just 90 minutes sailing time, you can be in France quickly and with priority boarding, you can be amongst the first on and off the ferry.

The Dover to Dunkirk route is a better choice if your route is through northern France.


How Much Is a Ferry To France?

This depends on many different factors, from the time of year you are sailing to where you are sailing. We recommend:

  1. Book as far ahead as you can. Prices can rise the closer you are to your sailing date.
  2. Choose a sailing time that is not peak. This can mean booking a sailing early in the morning or late at night. This does not apply to routes that only sail a few times a day.
  3. Perhaps try a different provider. There a number of ferry companies that sail to France listed below.


How Long Does It Take?

The shortest time is 90 minutes on sailings to Calais from Dover port offered by two ferry companies, P&O Ferries & DFDS.

Other sailings can take much longer, for example, the DFDS Newhaven to Dieppe takes 4 hours.

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Compare how long it takes and the prices to sail to France from the UK.

Logo of DFDS ferry company

DFDS Seaways – Route Prices
RouteSailingsDurationBuy Now
Dover to Calais30 Crossings daily1 hour 30 mins
Dover to Dunkirk24 Crossings daily2 hours
Newhaven to Dieppe6 Crossings daily (May – Sept) 4 all other times.4 hours


Logo of P&O ferry company

P&O Ferries – Route Prices
RouteSailingsDurationBuy Now
Dover to Calais23 Crossings daily1 hour 30 mins


Logo of Brittany Ferries ferry company

Brittany Ferries – Route Prices
RouteSailingsDurationBuy Now
Portsmouth to CaenUp to 3 per day6 – 7 hours
Portsmouth to St MaloDaily10 hours 45 minutes
Portsmouth to Cherbourg1 Daily3 hours
Portsmouth to Le HavreDailyOvernight sailing
Plymouth to Roscoff1 – 2 Daily6 – 8 hours
Poole to Cherbourg1 Daily day4 hours 15 minutes

All prices will vary depending on the time of the sailing and the type of vehicle used.

Other Ticket Types

Generally, prices are based on a car and a certain number of people. Below are some alternative options.

Other Ticket Types
OperatorTicket TypeBuy Now
DFDS SeawaysDover-Dunkirk or Calais Multi-Trip
DFDS SeawaysFerry to France With a Bicyle
P&O FerriesFerry to France With a Bicyle
P&O FerriesFamily Foot Passenger