Lymington to Yarmouth

If you aren’t in a rush to get to your destination of either mainland England or the Isle of Wight then you can opt for the more scenic route between Lymington and Yarmouth.

This is a slower but far more scenic route than the faster and popular Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde route and a little more scenic than the most popular Portsmouth to Fishbourne route. So if breathtaking views are what you are after then this 40 minute ferry ride is the perfect choice!

Whether you wish to travel by foot, bike or with your motor vehicle then you have the option on this ferry route and for a great price you can get to your destination within an hour.

Lymington To Yarmouth Prices

If you are travelling by foot then prices start at just £17.60 for a return trip! There are some concessions available if you are applicable. A great addition to your foot passenger ticket is that you can bring your bike for free! Perfect for those who wish to stay in the area and travel by bike when they arrive.

Taking your vehicle is also an affordable option with prices starting at just £27.75 with upgrades from economy to standard available.

You can fully appreciate the scenic trip on this ferry trip by making use of the outside sun deck and when you have had enough of the sea air you can pop into the passenger lounge and grab a quick bite to eat from the hot and cold food and drink options on board.

With other facilities including accessibility options (these can be booked in advance), bike storage and the option to bring your pets this ferry crossing is a great opportunity to travel.

Why Sail Lymington to Yarmouth?

This is one of the more scenic routes to take from the Isle of Wight to Mainland England and at both ends you will find a picturesque port and nearby town areas to explore.

On arrival in Yarmouth you have the option to travel into England further. Despite being known for its scenery this is also a relatively quick way to travel with only a 40 minute travel time and with plenty of amenities on board and the ability to take your vehicle with you.

Lymington To Yarmouth Ferry Crossing Times

From Lyminton to Yarmouth crossings start at 6.25am with an extra crossing at 7.45am. And from Yarmouth to Lymington ferry crossings start at 5.30am and end at 9pm.

There are extra crossings provided on a Monday and Friday to ensure availability for those commuting on these days. For a full view of the timetable you can view it here.

FAQ About Lymington to Yarmouth

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Lymington to Yarmouth ferry route.

How do I check in when I get to Port?

You need to have a valid ticket and arrive  at least 15 minutes before your departure time if you are traveling on foot. If you have an accessible or disabled ticket you need to increase this time to 30 minutes to allow us to help you board the ferry.


If you are travelling in a vehicle you need to arrive between 30 and 60 minutes before your departure time.

Is parking available ?

We do have parking available at Lymington which is managed independently and you can pay for up to three days and this is free for twenty minutes to allow for drop offs and collections.

Can I book a taxi?

Some ports may have taxis waiting outside if not then ticket offices will have phone numbers for local taxi firms.

Can I stay in my vehicle while crossing?

Unfortunately not for safety reasons. Even if you are leaving your pet in your vehicle you won’t be able to stay in it.

Is there wifi?

There is no wifi access available during your trip.

Are there any luggage limits?

There are no limits on your luggage weight or size except that you must be able to carry or transport it yourself.

Can I bring my pet?

We do have pet friendly areas available on the ferries so you can bring your pet but you are responsible for them at all times and of course clean up after them.

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