Bruges Christmas Market


Christmas time is the time of the year when your life gets back all the colour, light, fun, and laughter. You get busy throughout the year in your own life; this is the time when you get some downtime to spend with your family and friends. You meet your old friends and make can make new ones.

Some of us go abroad for Christmas and you can revel in some countries that have a unique warmth of Christmas. If you want to spend your Christmas in a completely different way than any other year, you can plan for a trip to Bruges at this time. Along with mini-cruise to Bruges, you will find lots of new reasons to come again at this place in every Christmas of your life.

Why do people get so much attracted to spend Christmas in Bruges? Bruges still has the essence of Medieval Europe which tourists like to cherish. There are horse-drawn carriages on the cobblestone streets, the lanes and streets are decorated with fairy lights, and you can also find the famous Belgium chocolates shops on the roadside.
To spend a warm and fuzzy Christmas, plan your trip to Bruges now. How to celebrate Christmas in Bruges? Read on to know more.

Celebrate Christmas in Bruges in the Mini-Cruise

There are lots of exclusive ways to enjoy Christmas in Bruges. Going on a mini-cruise to Bruges is one of the most attractive methods of all. You can get along the cruise anytime in December, but you need to go for an early booking to avoid the crowds.

Onboard Experience Can Be Rocking!

Your onboard experience can be full of excitement once you can experience the fabulous performance of Glam45 who will present the decade of the seventies through their rock music.
Also, you should not miss the performances of JingleTown who will entertain you with old as well as new songs. These performances won’t let you sit and one place; instead you will start grooving with them.
The performance of Glam45 will take you back to the seventies with their rendition of music and guitar, and their presentation is unique as they appear in those glamorous costumes on stage. You can enjoy the performance and the other activities with your friends and family on the cruise.

Treat Your Taste Buds!

If you get tired of dancing and want to celebrate Christmas with a delicious platter on this mini-cruise, you will find handsome arrangements for that too. For a superior a la carte meal, you can visit The Brasserie, where you can find the best cuisine in the world.
Also, you can visit the sophisticated bars where you can enjoy the best drinks of your choice before heading toward your lavish suit.

1. Celebrate Your Christmas with Cups of Hot Chocolate

After all, you are in the capital of hot chocolate, and it is Christmas! Forget about gaining calories, and jump on to the cups of hot chocolates while you are in Bruges. There are lots of joints where you can find your favorite cuppa that you can enjoy with freshly baked cakes and gingerbread. What more do you need to celebrate Christmas?

2. Go for a Carriage Ride

Bruges still has the flame of the medieval period, and Christmas is the best time to get the traditional warmth of this city. You can book a horse carriage and roam around the city to get the best experience of it.
Are you on a honeymoon trip? Having a romantic and cozy carriage ride will make this Christmas eternal in your life. Visiting the city squares, decorated with Christmas trees and fairy lights and listening to the clip-clop sound on the cobblestone street will make you nostalgic.

3. Visit the Christmas Market

It is one of the most important things you need to do while you are in Bruges during Christmas. There are several types of Christmas markets throughout the city where you can find different shops.
Visit the traditional food market to taste the local dishes. You can also visit the Christmas ornament shops to buy memoirs. There are numerous restaurants and chocolate shops to visit. Also, you will find an ice skating rink to have the most fun and excitement.

4. Enjoy Christmas with Your Favourite Drink

To boost up your Christmas spirit, you need something more than delicious food. How about looking for the best breweries and enjoying the winter with your favourite beer? You will find a family brewery in Bruges where you can have fun with your family while enjoying your favourite beer.

So here you get an overview of spending Christmas in Bruges this year.  Book early, you don’t want to miss the opportunity!

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