Best Christmas Markets in Europe


How many times do you see the same old entries in Christmas market lists? Here are 5 different ones, a bit further afield but most interesting things are.

Christmas is the time of the year when you get a break from your life, and you fill it up with fun, excitement, and merriment. It is the holiday season when Europe is dressed in its most beautiful attire of fairy lights, Christmas trees, wooden figurines of elves, and obviously, Santa Claus.

Winter is at its full bloom, and the snow-covered streets set up the right mood for welcoming Saint Nicolas on the 25th of December. The atmosphere of Christmas seems to start earlier every year and across Europe this is no exception.

To make Christmas even more celebratory happening in Europe, there are lots of Christmas markets established this time to add the oomph factor to your Christmas vacation. The chilling weather is appropriate to set the mood of the festival in Europe, while the burning spirit of these markets can drag local people and tourists from any part of the world.
So if you want to get the warmth of the most happening Christmas markets in Europe, here are the top 5 of them to visit now.


1.Tallinn, Estonia

estonia christmas market

While talking about the best Christmas markets in Europe, you can think of visiting Tallinn in the first place. According to lots of visitors, this market really holds the spirit of Christmas.
Kids will love this place where they can collect candies and gifts from Santa Claus from his little hut by reciting verses. They can also enjoy carousels and lots of other fun activities.
While you are here during this time, pay a visit to the handicrafts’ stores and also buy fabulous winter wears. Also, you should not miss the Christmas unique roasts and gingerbread from restaurants and eateries.

Opening Dates: 15th November to 7th January

2. Old Town and Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic

If you are in Prague during Christmas, you should not miss the ethos of this market at the Old Town and Wenceslas Square. Once you are here, you will be mesmerised by the gothic architecture of the buildings.
Visit the stores of mulled wine and enjoy the market with your favourite drink. There are lots of attractions in this market, but what you should not miss is the traditional dishes of pork and a dessert—“Trdelnik,” rolled pastry in sugar and cinnamon. Remember, you should wear enough winter wear as the weather is shivering this time.

The website is a bit ancient but has good information:
Opening Dates: 1st December to 6th January

3. Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, Germany

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

Do you want to get the traditional feel of the Christmas market? Then you have to visit this place once in Germany where you can get the feel of the Christmas market of the sixteenth century.
You will find lots of stalls of gingerbread that you can enjoy with mulled wines. The primary attraction of this market is Zwetschgenmannle, which is a figurine made of prune. It comes in 350 varieties. You can also enjoy the vibrant Christmas spirit of the city by taking a traditional stagecoach tour.
Opening Dates: 29th November to 24th December

4. Zagreb Advent, Croatia

Zagreb Advent christmas market

It is another Christmas market in Europe that has been voted as one of the best of its kind by people around the world. Once you visit the place, you can know the actual reason.
The entire city hums with the fun and excitement of Christmas while this market adds more. You can enjoy lots of rides and kids have also different rides for them.

The shops of local crafts and the roadside eateries are always booming up with the crowd. Visiting the market only once won’t be enough to enjoy the festivity.

Opening Dates: 26th November to 7th January

5. Bolzano Christmas Market, Italy
Bolzano Christmas Market

While listing the top 5 Christmas market in Europe, there is nothing better than this one, which is the largest market in Italy. This market was set up thirty years ago in Bolzano, and the surprising fact is, the organizers still manage to maintain the vibe throughout all these years.
You can buy wonderfully crafted wooden toys from handicraft stalls. Also, you will find musical instruments, straw stars for decoration, aromatic and decorative candles, and obviously, varieties of foods, like spiced cakes, gingerbread houses, etc.

If you are traveling with kids, they will feel happy while visiting the puppet theater and riding the merry-go-round.
The website is only in Italian or, naturally, German:

Opening Dates: 25th November to 6th January

Special opening hours

Opening 24.11.2022 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.
24.12.2022 10:00 a.m.-02:00 p.m.
25.12.2022 closed
31.12.2022 10:00 a.m.-06:00 p.m.
1.1.2023 12:00 p.m.-07:00 p.m.

On 25.12.2021 the Christmas market is closed


So these are the top 5 Christmas markets in Europe that are different to the usual lists. The list is difficult to end as there are lots of other places which are vibrant. So if you are in Europe during Christmas, along with visiting the sites of attractions, you can visit any of these markets and enjoy the festive season at its best.

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