About FerryU

FerryU is an independent ferry website set up to inform users of the best ways to ferry across the globe. It has been set up by an ex-ferry industry expert who knows the inside scoop on how ferries work. It is also staffed by a number of writers who look to share tips and route information so you can be the best-informed ferry traveller out there.

Why do we say we are independent?


You may be on Google and searching for ferry routes and see a variety of ferry sites. Well, all is not what it seems. In addition to the main ferry companies themselves, there are two main affiliate companies: Aferry and Direct Ferries. They were a lot quicker than the ferry companies in exploiting the growth in online search and grew massive businesses as affiliate companies, selling tickets on behalf of the main ferry companies.


In order to dominate the digital marketplace, these affiliate companies work with other affiliate sites under different names in order to soak up the traffic Google (and other search engines) provide. These sites may have been created specifically by these company’s in order to ‘own’ the search pages. 


As an example, you may see the following ferry sites as you search, note who these work with:
Ferrysavers – work with Aferries
Cheapferry.co.uk – work with Direct Ferries
Ferries.co.uk – work with Direct Ferries
And on it goes.


We are not owned or work with either of these affiliate companies and we only work directly with the main ferry companies themselves. If you click on any of the links on this site and proceed to book, we get a small commission which makes no difference to the amount you pay and this helps to keep the site up and running.


This is why we are independent. If you book through us and then direct with the ferry company, we get a small commission but crucially the ferry company retains more of the ticket price. In other words, you help to keep the ferry business going – it’s a win-win!