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Award-winning Brittany Ferries is an industry leader in French maritime transport between the UK, Western France, and Northern Spain. They currently carry over 2.5 million passengers every year and offer the widest choice of routes available. They offer several sailings each week from 11 ports: Bilbao, Santander, Portsmouth, Poole, Plymouth, Cork, Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre, Saint-Malo and Roscoff.

Brittany Ferries History

The company was founded by farmer Alexis Gourvennec in 1973 and the original Breton farming groups remain shareholders in the company today. The company is proud of its commitment to providing eco-friendly transit.

They’ve recently added several LNG (liquified natural gas) vessels to their fleet, cutting the per-passenger carbon footprint on each ship by nearly half. They’ve also spent over four billion euros adding environmentally-friendly ships to their fleet.

Travelling with Brittany Ferries means you will have a chance to relax during your trip. Brittany Ferries offers several spacious cabin options so travellers can choose what works for them (and their budget).

Some of the cabins include breakfast and other luxury comforts such as a mini-bar, TVs and DVD players, and much more. And if a cabin isn’t right for you, reserved seating is also available.

Eating & Shopping Onboard

Passengers aboard all Brittany Ferries cruise ships can choose from a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options. Enjoy award-winning international cuisine, elegant boutiques or even treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment.

Customers who travel regularly can save up to 30% on fares when they join the company’s travel club. Club Voyage members also receive free breakfast on overnight travel, drink and dining discounts, and drastically reduced cabin fees when they book in advance.

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Where does Brittany Ferries sail to?

Brittany Ferries sails to five ports in Northern France and two to Spain. Passengers can choose from several departure times, depending on if they enjoy traveling by day or overnight. There are seven different routes to choose from:

Brittany Ferries France Routes

Brittany Ferries sails to five ports in Northern France. Passengers can choose from several departure times, depending on if they enjoy traveling by day or overnight. There are six different routes to choose from:

Portsmouth to Le Havre

The trip takes 5 hours by day and 7 hours and 45 minutes if you are sailing overnight. If you want to see Normandy or eastern France, La Havre is ideal for you. The beautiful city of Paris is just a two-hour drive from La Havre.

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Offered some mornings and almost every night of the year. The trip takes 9 hours during the day and almost 11 hours at night. Saint-Malo has easy access to the Dordogne, the Loire, and southwestern France.

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Sailing 2-3 times daily. Morning, afternoon and nighttime departure times are available. This trip takes about 6 hours during the day and 7 hours overnight. Interested in seeing historical D-Day sites? Then this destination is for you.

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Daily departures offered 10 times a week. The trip takes just four hours and fifteen minutes. Here you can see the port that the infamous Titanic set sail from, visit Cherbourg's Cite de la Mer! or numerous other exciting attractions.

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This is a high-speed 3-hour route that sails 9 times weekly. Morning departure times are offered Friday through Sunday so travelers can have more time to enjoy all this exciting destination has to offer.

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Daily departures offered 9 times weekly. The trip takes about five and a half hours. The village of Roscoff is a fishing town with lots of restaurants and interesting attractions.

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Departs every Saturday and returns on Friday. There are economy sailings from Cork every Monday returning Tuesday. Comfortable cabins are available en-route to the fishing village of Roscoff.

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Brittany Ferries Spanish Routes

Passengers traveling to and from Spain can choose from several departure times on one of these three routes:

Three sailings each week. The trip takes 24 hours during the day and 32 hours at night. Bilbao is filled with historical sites to explore. You can also drive to beautiful Madrid in just four hours or drive to the fabulous city of Barcelona in six.

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This route is also offered three times weekly and takes 24 hours during the day or 32 hours at night. Enjoy lots of dining options or catch a tan on one of three beautiful beaches in Santander.

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Nightly departures offered once a week. The entire trip takes about 20 hours. Traveling at night means you can spend even more time on Santander's sandy beaches.

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Are there any special offers for frequent travellers?

Earlier this year, Brittany Ferries began sailing the first-ever direct route between Ireland and Spain. Passengers can take one of two weekly sails between Cork and Santander. The trip takes 26 hours and 30 minutes.

Brittany Ferries offers another Ireland route between Cork and Roscoff. This journey takes just 14 hours and is also offered twice a week. While in Cork, you can experience the historic Gothic architecture, visit the English Market or see the 400-year-old Elizabeth Fort.

Regardless of which route you choose, you won’t be disappointed if you travel with Brittany Ferries. With so many exciting destinations to choose from, Brittany Ferries makes it easy to get where you’re going. The only tough part is deciding where to go next!